Rachel Maryam

Full Name: Rachel Maryam Sayidina
Nick Name: Rachel Maryam
Nationality: Indonesia
Date of birth: Bandung, April 20, 1980
Zodiac: Aries
Height: 158 Cm
Weight: 42 Kg
Father's Name: Indra Sayyidina
Mother's Name: Marina Triawati
Education last: SMUN 19 Bandung
Hobbies: cooking, reading Kahlil Gibran books, watching movies, traveling

To show seriousness in the world on, Rachel was studying on for three months in Germany. Seriousness is paid. Through the movie Arisan (2003), Rachel successfully get Citra Cup title for best supporting stage. He foster mother Rather Play House production Multivision Plus.

Poto Rachel Maryam

Photo Rachel Maryam

Rachel Maryam

Name known after starting her videoklip Sephia owned music group Sheila on 7. `Set owing a inamorata` dark on the clip, he was awarded as the Best Model clip MTV 2001. Rachel also go the art world role. One patron of the Millennium Development Goals such as Lupus and Strawberry, Rachel jump to the big screen. Through the film Eliana, Eliana and biting with fellow trouper Jajang C. Noer, Rachel started successfully in the world of movies. Although not segegap gempita There are movies with Love Is, for example, Eliana, Eliana successfully seize the award for the category `Best` Young Cinema Award, awards from international film critics and the `Best Promising Young Director of` the film festival in Singapore. Success movie first, followed by the next film, among other Arius (2003), Janji Joni (2005), and Vina says Love (2005).