Popular Artist Name ; Bella Saphira
Real Artist Name ; Bella Saphira Veronica
Born Artist ; Magelang - Indonesia, 06 Agustus 1973


Beauty artist Bella Saphira Veronica Simanjuntak or more popular by the name of Bella Saphira, was born in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia, on August 6 1973. He was known as the star that was involved in the world to sing and acting. In the Italia language, Bella had the pretty meaning, while Saphira the name from the beautiful stone kind (the sapphire). Veronica's name that also was held by him, made him close with the Ica call during the period of still TK. In 1988, Bella was chosen to the finalist the Girl the Cover, afterwards emerged several offers became the advertisement model for various products. Following afterwards his achievement as the Lux Favorit Star (soap products ads). Moreover Bella was also known as singer and had gained the degree of the finalist Voice of Asia in 1991. Bella's album including being entitled SMA Nostalgia (1996), Prambors indo 8 (Single) (1993), Voice of Asia (Single) (1992) and Sesungguhnya Hatiku (the album) (2005). Till at this time, Bella did not yet marry, but in his his life trip had become the sweetheart artist Indonesia Adjie Massaid almost 2 years.

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