Nafa Urbach Biografi

Nafa Urbach The Big One


Nafa Urbach was born Magelang, 19 September 1980 is an indonesian singer and actress

Nafa start her carrier in entertainment from a singer. The raising star become a regeneration from legendary woman singer Nike Ardila. She called the next Nike Ardila. Dedi Dores who makes songs to Nike also make song to her. The Indo-Germany actress married with an actor Zack Lee, They married in 16 February 2007 in Immanuel Church in central Jakarta.

Nafa ex boyfriends is: Primus Yustisio

Her first album is Bagai Lilin Kecil (no it's big...wogh..) and her first television cinema is Kembalinya Si Manis Jembatan Ancol
She becomes a controversial actress because she changes the religions and back to her old religion