Renita Sukardi

Name: Renita Sukardi
Gender: Female
Nationality: Indonesia
Place / Date of birth: Jakarta, 26 Juli 1976

Renita Sukardi (born in Jakarta, July 26, 1976) is a sitcom actress and presenter of Indonesia. The woman who was familiarly called Irene is famous by the soap opera Why Inul.

Renita Sukardi as a child dreams of becoming a model. She had a course in Okky Modeling, but fate led him to the scene over the model and presenter. Several events have dipandunya among other Acts in Between Us on SCTV, Celebrity Cases, and Fruit Lip.

Renita Sukardi

Poto Renita Sukardi

Photo Renita Sukardi

Renita Sukardi

In addition to being a presenter, currently listed as the referring Iron clothing or fashion stylist in a tabloid publication the capital. While the ad has ever starred in, among others, Lifebuoy, Shampoo Natur, Salonpas, and Diapet.

Smart and beautiful, two gift she has. With that combination Iren upper hand, especially choosing a boy. Very open opportunities to find a handsome man as well as smart.