Uli Auliani

Name: Uli Auliani
Gender: Female
Place/Date of Birth: Bandung, 20 November 1985
Nationality: Indonesia
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Hobbies: Reading, diving, horse riding

Uli Auliana is a model and star Indonesia actress. Uli had participated MASKOT movie star (2006) and the horror movie PULAU HANTU 2 (2008).

Uli Auliana born in Bandung, 20 November 1985 also known as the presenter of infotainment Kroscek that appear on Trans TV.

Previously Uli Auliana play movie that director by Hanny Saputra Virgin (2004) and director of horror films Hanung Bramantyo LEGENDA SUNDEL BOLONG (2007).
Uli Auliani

Poto Uli Auliani

Photo Uli Auliani

Uli Auliani

Artists of the relationship with Robert Sean King is also close to the artist Rahma Azhari aktingnya it shows the quality of the widescreen.

The young movie star Uli Auliani got stumbles stone. Right now her fake nude picture is spreading at internet forum. She only wear black bikini, hollow clear draw Uli Auliani body. There is no doubt if this VIRGIN and PULAU HANTU 2 movie star called as one of hot magma Indonesia film in this time.

The last, artists often play a part in the film POCONG SETAN JOMPO at the beginning of 2009.