Anizabella Putri

Name : Anizabella Putri Lesmana
or more in the know with the name Bella
born in Jakarta, June 2, 1993
Zodiac: Gemini
Last Education: High School Cita Buana Jakarta
Favorite Food: Padang Cuisine

Foto Anizabella Putri

Poto Anizabella Putri

Photo Anizabella Putri

Anizabella Putri

Started his career since childhood, he liked the art world had since childhood. Proved by the number of competitions fashion show followed by a girl born in Jakarta, June 2, 1993. Besides fashion shows, "bella" This familiar greeting could also dance classes, theater and ballet. It all begins when participating in the arena of "Cover Girl" in 2007. From there bella was eventually invited by the parties "Rapi Film" to participate in casting their newest movie bella unexpectedly became the main character in the soap opera that is "High School Stories"