Chacha Frederica

Name : Wynne Frederica
Nickname : Chacha Frederica
Born : Jakarta, 8 November 1989
Zodiac : Scorpio
Hobbies : Reading, looking for friends
Favourite Genre : R & B, easylistening, jazz

Chacha Frederica, a girl born in Jakarta, 8 November 1989 This is an Indonesian sinetron player. Soap operas that have played less than 27 titles already a soap opera. Can not imagine how many young artists the income from this one.
Foto Chacha Frederica

Poto Chacha Frederica

Photo Chacha Frederica

Chacha Frederica

Chacha Frederica early career in the entertainment industry from advertising Jam Morin. Simply through the ad opened with a career chacha inclusion in the casting soap opera by the party that eventually SinemArt chacha antagonists also had a role named "Desy" in the soap opera "Kisah Sedih di Hari Minggu." Bids flowed in self-chacha, too often starred in several soap operas. His name began to be known by the public when this girl to star in soap opera “Liontin”.

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