Arumi Bachsin

Name : Arumi Bachsin
Born : Jakarta, Februari 19 1994

Arumi Bachsin is Indonesian actress and model. Arumi start with the widely recognized role in a soap opera, then come into play in the film Bestfriend? in the year 2008.

Arumi born in Jakarta from Rudy Bachsin, an architect and Lilian Maria Pesch. Arumi have blood Palembang-Bengkulu-Germany-Holland.

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Arumi who aspires to be a psychologist to have a pretty good achievement during school. When he entered the junior class in junior Tirta Buaran acceleration. However, when stepping on the bench in high school, Arumi choose homeschooling program to overcome the solid shooting schedule.

Arumi started her career since the age of 12 years beginning from the world of modeling in the year 2006. One photographer said that Arumi is, "One of the most beautiful models I've ever meet,". Year 2007 Arumi once a Cosmo Girl magazine cover edition in February, 2007.