Mariana Renata

Name : Mariana Renata
Born : aris, France, December 31, 1983

Mariana Renata was an actress and model from Indonesia. In 2004 he became a star Lux ads that catapulted his name in the world of Indonesian entertainment.
Born in Paris, she had lived in Zimbabwe for six years before returning to Paris for a year and finally to Indonesia. Graduated high school in Jakarta, he continue his education at the University of Sorbonne, Paris, majored in English Literature. Renata is currently completing his master's degree at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

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In 2005 Renata movie Janji Joni and in 2006 became Kay's role in a movie titled MatchMaker Lux Short Movie. Renata also had a small part, just goto the fill one episode in a soap opera series "The World Without a Comma." Some video clips of famous Indonesian bands like Purple, and Peter had starring Renata.
Renata any acting ability has been recognized with the receipt of the award for Most Favorite Supporting Actress in MTV Indonesia Movie Awards (Mima) in 2005. Year 2006 with Darius Sinathrya, a favorite pair version of the MTV awards after winning the Most Favorite Model MTV Indonesia in 2006.