Artist newcomers singer,Syahrini is selected by Anang Hermansyah to be his new partner. Not in private life, at least Syahrini is the second woman ever duet together Anang, other than KD. Finally Krisdayanti substitute for Anang Hermansyah fulfilled. Syahrini which is a substitute for a duet Krisdayanti in Anang in his new album. In their video shoot was intimate and harmonious.

A kiss on the cheek Syahrini docked when they ended the song "Jangan Memilih aku" in the event Dahsyatnya Awards. Syahrini admitted surprise at what was given Anang Hermansyah.

"Startled the hell, I got stunned," said Syahrini told reporters after filling Dahsyatnya Awards ceremony, at Mangga Dua Square, North Jakarta, Friday (26/2/2010) evening.

According to the girl's birth Bogor August 1, 1982 that, given a kiss on the stage Anang is a form of appreciation for him. He was greeted with pleasure.

Instead kissed confused? "Not upset, but I was shocked, like a surprise wrote," she said again.

All events were pure without any planning of Anang or Syahrini. Chanter 'Bohong' it was only stunned and silent self widower of an appreciation of two children given to him. It could be serious love?


Profile of Anang Hermansyah
Anang Hermansyah known as a musician and music workers, in addition known as the husband of the famous pop singer Krisdayanti. Men born Jember, East Java, March 18, 1969, had created the song, whether sung themselves or others.

The songs never released Anang, including Mata Cinta (2003), Makin aku Cinta (2000), Tania (1999).

Now the man who successfully 3 Diva concert was one of the judges for the talent contest show, which aired RCTI, Indonesian Idol 2007.

Marriage with KD Anang which lasted from August 22, 1996, are likely to end soon. Father of Titania Aurelie Nurhermansyah and steady Azriel Akbar Hermansyah. KD menalak religiously divorced on August 19, 2009. For the process legally, KD will be cast on the chanter divorce Separuhh Jiwakuu Pergii after Lebaran. Meanwhile, the two children they will be under the care Anangg.

Without having to wait a long time, Thursday, October 22, 2009, decision of the divorce courts issued Anang-KD. Through PA South Jakarta, an official Anang has become a widower.

After a divorce, is active in Anang back country music world. Mid-September 2009, he released his latest album, ANANG. In the self title album with the song hits a single, Separuh Jiwaku Pergi.


Oktasarii ayuu is the winner of the Take Me Out by Indonesia, which aired one private television station in Indonesia. Later, rumors circulated that mention the winner of the event Oktasari Ayu Take Me Out Season 1 had previously been a model that falls into the category Hot.

Meanwhile, the official site Take Me Out event itself mentions that Indonesia Oktasari Ayu had become one of the players in the television movie.

Shur Ayu Photo Collection Oktasari, Winner Take Me Out 1 circulating Indonesia. Model of fame through the contest this Indosiar TMOI mate again with the sensation excited seronoknya image. From the virtual world is mentioned Ayu Oktasari Former Tabloid Seronok model sold in many Asongan. Hot penah photos that appeared in the magazine, is now circulating widely.

Artist dropout or a beauty event contact the event turned out to have a soul mate for a variety of ways to blow up his name in the entertainment world. A few moments ago is a scandal could stir Wandira Ayu, Puteri Indonesia finalists, there was also Jenny Cortez, then most recently the winner Take Me Out Seasson Indonesia 1.

As follow-up contest Reality Show Search for this match, Ayu actually has a boyfriend. Therefore, potential in-law and asked what she meant former magazine model today. Although already said that the main reason is fun, but the candidate insisted that his son-in-law separated or disconnected from Ayu. Finally, a lover who had courted 2.5 this year decided he was.

"To be honest, at first I joined this because they want to go alone, for fun-appeal. Nah mate search intentions. Pas list, I still have a boyfriend, but she let me go. Nah him, I met Mas Egy, "

"If he's a real guy, he should keep me. But he will obey her parents instead. Yes, he's probably not the best for me, "

Chacha Frederica

Name : Wynne Frederica
Nickname : Chacha Frederica
Born : Jakarta, 8 November 1989
Zodiac : Scorpio
Hobbies : Reading, looking for friends
Favourite Genre : R & B, easylistening, jazz

Chacha Frederica, a girl born in Jakarta, 8 November 1989 This is an Indonesian sinetron player. Soap operas that have played less than 27 titles already a soap opera. Can not imagine how many young artists the income from this one.
Foto Chacha Frederica

Poto Chacha Frederica

Photo Chacha Frederica

Chacha Frederica

Chacha Frederica early career in the entertainment industry from advertising Jam Morin. Simply through the ad opened with a career chacha inclusion in the casting soap opera by the party that eventually SinemArt chacha antagonists also had a role named "Desy" in the soap opera "Kisah Sedih di Hari Minggu." Bids flowed in self-chacha, too often starred in several soap operas. His name began to be known by the public when this girl to star in soap opera “Liontin”.

See More Profil & Photo Chacha Frederica Click Here

Anita Hara

Name : Anita Hara
or more in the know with the name Anita Hara
born in Jakarta, March 29, 1980
Hara Anita is a pretty and sexy girl who works as an ad model, presenter, as well as soap operas starring Indonesia.

Foto Anita Hara

Poto Anita Hara

Photo Anita Hara

Anita Hara

Anita Hara is an artist who often open and sexy posing in several adult magazines and on internet sites. Artist born March 29, 1980 is claimed to want to keep learning in this entertainment world from anyone either from friends or from one location shooting people around Anita.

From acting, Anita tried to be a presenter. She is believed to bring the show infotainment "Kasak Kusuk" racing and sporting events.

See More Photo Anisa Hara Click Here

Mila Kunis - 83rd Annual Academy Awards

Mila Kunis - 83rd Annual Academy Awards

Anna Paquin - 2011 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Los Angeles

Anna Paquin - 2011 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Los Angeles


A photograph could be taken on the day Saturday, June 27, 2009. According to the source of a rabid Jackson fan site, and, Jacko the death of this plot was created 10 years ago and should be immediately implemented. In these sites, it is mentioned that Michael Jackson could not afford the debt, legal charges, contract crowded, and so on. For this reason, from the same source, mentioned that a person who becomes Michael Jackson should be made 'dead' to liberate the artist Michael Jackson actually to live in 'freedom'.

According site, the site dedicated to bringing the truth and a forum for him to communicate with fans. It added, that the person who died had been ill for a long time, and then operated on her to be like Michael Jackson, even fingerprints are also suitable.

While in site, mentioned that there were irregularities on the death of Jackson. Like the 911 emergency call made from Jacko Mansion at 12.21pm, half an hour after Dr. Conrad Murray Jackson found the body of an unconscious and then the doctor gave CPR or artificial breathing. Jacko's body arrived at UCLA Medical Center at 1:14 am local time and then the team of doctors and kardiologis check for 1 hour, until they gave up and announced his death at 2.26pm. Jacko's body was taken to the helicopter and will be moved to the LA County Morgue in 35 to 45 minutes. So what and who is in any helicopter, the site is still asking what really happened to Jacko.


Scarlett Johansson - 83rd Annual Academy Awards

Scarlett Johansson - 83rd Annual Academy Awards

Natalie Portman - 83rd Annual Academy Awards

Natalie Portman - 83rd Annual Academy Awards

Amy Adams - 83rd Annual Academy Awards

Amy Adams - 83rd Annual Academy Awards

Hayden Panettiere - 19th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party

Hayden Panettiere - 19th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party

Charlotte Ross - 19th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party

Charlotte Ross - 19th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party

Jimmy Kimmel's Hottie Body Hump Club

Jimmy Kimmel's Hottie Body Hump Club featuring Scarlett Johansson, Minka Kelly, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba ,Kelly Ripa, Sofia Vergara and Lindsay LohanFrom Jimmy Kimmel's post Oscar show


Artists female fans liked it, it's normal. What if there are fans who like to squeeze Artists female fans liked it, it's normal. What if there are fans who like to squeeze genitalia, artists who also worship various male gender? Maybe it's new extraordinary.

underdog true fate befall the Christian Sugiono at the 9 Management road show to the city of Cirebon. Histeria spectators welcomed the Christian presence on stage is not comparable with the incident behind the stage. A young man with a full appetite suddenly squeeze genitalia Titi Kamal's husband.

The incident progress, while Tian disapa so he always, follow the middle with 9 roadshow Management in a shopping center in Cirebon, West Java, Sunday (26/07) yesterday.

Recognizing this, the actors who have a handsome face is moan and cry out in pain so that the youth was immediately arrested fraudulent. "Catch...catch" said Christian while holding genitalia complain.

Young people who until now have not known the identity of the spirit of lust and directly put hands and squeeze that has been in the genitalia tertempel Christian.

Say, the security had to catch the man who can not withhold carnality it. But, the latter is released again, because Christian did not seem to want harassment case that he is natural, extended.


Despite the problems with Dewi Persik, Asep confess to know about the issue of divorce and her husband Dewi, Aldi Taher.

"I can not comment, a problem that time. But if it is the best for them, I'm not the problem. Hopefully not happen," said Asep Komaruddin time in the North Jakarta District Court on Monday (27 / 7) afternoon.

Asep was still maintaining ethics. Although he in trouble with the Dewi Persik, but he does not try to meddle domesticate Dewi with Aldi. After all that he knew about only a Goddess or just outside.

Matter of divorce, the lawyer was also senada Dewi, Iyeth Rachmawati. "I do not know. That is not my business.She is currently syuting."

News Dewi divorce with her husband, Aldi Taher, who come from the nearest of the second pair can not be correct. Meanwhile, Dewi and Aldi did not ask to clarification.

Dewi Persik- Aldi Taher Divorced news will be the news that divided.The news of divorce Dewi Persik and make clear Aldi Taher surprised many who are not sure from the start with both of them settle down. Term, mutually explore each other's popularity.

So, there is news fit Dewi Persik and Aldy Taher divorced, hurry cock incident some time before a matter Jonas Brothers Hot kiss with bule, Aldi Taher jealous. What is this reason?

Gossip concerning divorce Dewi Persik are outstanding even in the space between the trial pedangdut hot and sexy Asep Komarudin in case of Dewi Persik. Dewi Persik new lawyer, Iyeth Rachmawati requested clarification reluctant to provide answers.



Surprising news came from Ashraf Sinclair. The singer's husband Bunga Citra Lestari crashed on Wednesday (26/8/2009). The collision happened at about 03.00 AM. At that Ashraf was reportedly driving a black Lexus Harrier with police number B 3 ME. Known, Ashraf driven car hit a taxi in the area Bundaran Bank Indonesia, Central Jakarta. Now the car was badly damaged condition. The bottom right door shattered. The right rear tire bent and the paint on the roof of blisters due to overturned car. Glass in the right front door was also destroyed. Still according to these sources, the condition Ashraf wounds Ashraf but fortunately not seriously injured. Shortly after the incident, his wife, BCL, came to the scene. BCL came aboard B Mercedes Benz CL 23. We see the condition of her husband, BCL was shocked. "Thank God all three healthy. We could take it to the MMC hospital, the CT scan, check up, too, wrote in good health, "said Dodi BCL manager. Now the soap opera star's Love and Grace is resting at home. The wife, Ashraf BCL two-day break. Although there shooting schedule, still banned Bungaa her husband went to the set. According to witnesses, two vehicles drove at high speed. Ashraf boarded cars from the Kebonsirih to Tanahabang, Jakarta centers. While the taxi from the direction of Jalan Sudirman to the City. Right at the red light intersection of Bank Indonesia two cars collided. Until now the existence of still unknown Ashraf and his driver. Alleged victim was taken to hospital

Mohammed Ashraf Daniel Sinclair is a Malaysian-born actor Croydon, England, 18 September 1979.

Ashraf's name skyrocketed in Malaysia after a role as Eddy in the film GOL & GINCUU (2006), followed by the television series a year later.

Male descendants of British-Malaysia is becoming known in Indonesia since the photographs intimate with the actress / singer Bunga Citra Lestari circulating in cyberspace in the mid-2007.

After several rumored to be married, Ashraf and Bunga finally confirmed that they will marry on November 8, 2008.

Ashraf Bungaa on Saturday woo (08/11/08) at Masjid Al Bina, Senayan, South Jakarta with a pair dowry 1.5-carat diamond earrings.

Wedding reception was held Sunday (09/11/08) at the Golden Ballroom of Hotel Sultan, Jakarta and brought the custom of Padang and Flower Suntiang wearing, crown typical Minang.

Not only in Indonesia, Ashraf also held a wedding reception for two days with the concepts and different places.

The first day a reception was held on Friday (14/11/08) at The Saujana Kuala Lumpur Hotel, Subang. While the second reception was held on Saturday (15/11/08) at the Petaling Jaya Golf Club.

After getting married, Ashraf follow in the footsteps of his wife, Flower for a career in Indonesia. The first opportunity to play in a horror genre film, THE REAL Pocong the release in 2009.

Previously, with Bungaa, he was united in a single frame. Playing in a romantic movie, SAUSs KACANGg in 2008.

Not only acting on the big screen, she also appeared in soap operas, one of which is soap opera SEKAR stripping.


love story Yuni Shara and Raffi Ahmad increasingly bold show intimacy in public space. After Luna Maya and Ariel Peterpan do kiss scenes in front of thousands of children who pack Tennis Indoor Senayan Raffi Ahmad now turn to the scenes with the warm smell Yuni Shara, when program music 'Dahsyat' RCTI progress.

Scene is started when Yuni Shara become guest stars in an event broadcast directly by the RCTI, on Friday 24 July 2009 yesterday. Raffi is one of the presenters to be the event a natural look when two friends, Olga Syahputra and Luna Maya ridicule

Moreover, color and clothing Raffi Yuni coincidence that same black, became the object of ridicule and Olga Luna. "Come, both black and wear black clothes, home pilgrimage" said Olga

Olga immediately and so vibrant that they make a whim, on the clothes on Yuni Shara. "Oh this was torn Raffi" said Olga while the show is.

Yuni is only a smile to finally relax a bit while holding Raffi's shoulder. Widows even two children do not hesitate to welcome this hands Raffi left shoulder in a circle.

Luna Maya and Olga is not exhausted intellect eventually ask to smell Raffi Yuni Shara. "Normally if there Raffi girl who came here kiss, now Kiss Yuni" said Olga perkily

Raffi's that appear before the still more suddenly muted when Olga ridicule tactless. "I am not bashful, usual, this evidence" Raffi said then kissed the left cheek and right Yuni Shara.

Action is classified as reckless as it were to be real evidence that between Raffi and Yuni are now stranded middle of a beautiful love story

Raffi Ahmad appear in the huddle women mature women mature alias that want a formal ceremony attended the new restaurant owned by Yuni Shara. Raffi enjoys coming to the front held items. Gave the impression that the owner is intent that night. Raffi is not visible because the bumbling Yuni serve our guests.

Because of this, besides Her mother, Raffi has never been seen close to the women who are older. Women who had a relationship with any Raffi, the average young girl who is still young. But enchantment Yuni really hypnotic happy guy who is known to change my boyfriend ini.although different age and status of Yuni, Raffi would feel lucky to be up to the former wife of Henry Siahaan.


Dewi Persik always make a sensation. Not far from hot kiss scene. This time not with a girlfriend but with his new boss Ahmad Dhani. Dewi had just joined the "Republik Cinta" commanded by Ahmad Dani frontman top music group, Dewa 19.

Dewi Persik hot kiss given after celebrating the anniversary of Ahmad Dani to 38 in the event Dahsyat RCTI, Kebon Jeruk Jakarta. Like many people had predicted, the original named Dewi Dewi Muria this Court will not hesitate to show affection with these three childless widower cool.
After the photo vulgar and receive hot kiss presents the 38th anniversary of Dewi Persik, Ahmad Dhani silent. Which utterance from Dhani, just feeling happy.

"Later that afternoon at home. There will be no salvation, "Dhani said after a brief moment met DP celebrated his birthday at the show in the studio Powerful RCTI, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Wednesday (26 / 5).

These three remain childless widower will not talk about vulgar photo with DP. On the attitude that Dhani has not answered about the photo with goddess who terlantang mengumbar cleavage, while holding the waist Dhani DP with the impression touching.

Incidentally, too, t-shirts that bear a picture of Dhani's first President Sukarno and actress Marilyn Monroe to be impressed by DP cleavage. Whether intentionally or not? Dhani has not made a clarification.

But Dhani looks so happy in her 38th anniversary that. After filling events in the Powerful. Before entering his car, Dhani taking the time to pose with fans. He is also very happy because all these artists Republic of Love Management present at the event.

Seem happy?

"It was very festive, their presence is very significant," Dhani said as he boarded his car with his black Alpahrad police number B 2727 ZL.


Mbah Maridjan dies in a state of prostration in his room? Batik dress the corpse in the room Mbah Marijan house allegedly is one of the victims died of Mount Merapi erupts October 26, 2010, means the news that states Mbah Maridjan Congratulations irrefutable by any alleged Dies Mbah Marijan.

Not far from his home in the hamlet of Kinahrejo, Umbulharjo Village, District Cangkringan, Sleman regency, Yogyakarta, caretaker of Mount Merapi, Mbah Maridjan, reportedly has been found safe.

But the condition is weak due to exposure to heat clouds glide or known citizen wedhus trash. While a dozen other people died with burns all over his body in the house Mbah Maridjan and around the home page.

But Mbah Marijan Agus Wiyarto aide who still relatives membahtah news. In RadioElshinta Twitter account that posted much at 2:20 pm, Wednesday (10/27/2010) is written, "Agus Wiyarto krabat Mbah Marijan: Not really Mbah Marijan information found on the slopes of Merapi, with the condition of weak, Salvation by volunteer military."

Earlier, in a number of mass media reported Mbah Marijan was found safe with weak conditions. Yogyakarta Navy Base Commander Col. Aloysius Sea Pramod said the caretaker of Mount Merapi were found in safe condition by a member of SAR team.

To Legal, Director Wallets Dhuafa Yogyakarta M Fauzi, who got inforamasi of evacuation team, preaching the gatekeeper of Merapi is safe. But the condition is weak due to exposure to heat clouds. "Found limp, but I myself have not met in person," he said.

Regarding the victim, carrying 15 people were killed. Consisting of 13 residents and two people who have been identified dr.Tutur, military and journalist VIVAnews Yuniawan. "On average, victims of burns,"


Julia Perez's not his name if he did not spit sensuality! Approximately uttered so many people today. Action showing off its beauty body often showed when he was filling the show.
As happened recently at a night club in the number of Surabaya. Damian Perez's ex-wife was waddle on stage accompanied by the din of music progresiv. Artist owner of this sexy breasts looked so enjoy the music that was stomping disco in town visitors these heroes. It's predictable, dozens of visitors who were attending a private party at the club, hypnotized by the swaying wild woman Jupe is familiarly called.

Infotainment media team also managed to obtain several pieces of pictures jupe hot hot while dancing on the stage. There is a picture quite challenging, as a lover Gaston Castano is currently holding the bottle, and sipped it with a face that looks drunk. In addition there were several other photos of successful challenge we got from a reliable informant infotainment media team.

"It think it was the photos taken at the disco in Surabaya. If no one at Hugo's Café. Plasticity Jupe really late at night in a party. "Clearly, a guest speaker who is a photographer.


Julia Perez was sexy and full of sensation, not only in every role in the film as sexy as a ghost in "HANTU JAMU GENDONG" released earlier in January, but also in any action outside the entertainment world.

As seen in some photos that recently circulated on the Internet mailing list, Belah Duren tembang owner is looking sexy and relaxed with some friends as well as posing alone.

There are five photographs, which seemed to photograph Julia's personal collection. This is seen from the photograph Jupe when wearing a blue shirt with white short cardigan.

Julia Perez in the photo looks to take pictures with the camera itself can be a pocket or phone. Jupe looked so sexy with visible cleavage and thighs look a little bit at the bottom of the image.

While the photos with the same clothes, looking at the photo shoot farther, but still visible Jupe take pictures himself with his right hand.

In another photo, Jupe seemed more at ease wearing a sarong beach with a man and a woman, was on vacation.

In the fourth photo, this wife of Damien Perez photographs with the same man in the previous picture that looks much younger age than Jupe.

In the final image, such as middle Jupe in the bridal fashion shoot, seen from a wedding dress and a man who was the dress worn by arranging artist who was born with the name of this Yuli Rachmawati.


Artists who are always looking sexy Julia Perez, this time a different look when the speaker of the Islamic Fashion Festival (IFF) held at Hotel Mulia, Jakarta, Tuesday (26/5/2009).

He was dressed in Muslim clothes orange shades, long scarf, long sleeves and long pants.

This Jupe claimed his first experience singing wearing Muslim dress and witnessed some leaders from Malaysia and Indonesia. Keep in mind, the IFF was founded by Datuk Raja Shah Reza, leader of Malaysia.

Damian Perez's wife was admitted to veiled according to impulse. He did not want to just open the lid only. "I do not want closed, I still want dugem," Jupe said.

He himself did not know, when the guidance would come to him so that he wore a headscarf. "I admit I have not merged soul with Muslim dress," she said.

When told chameleon, Jupe did not deny it. He had to act like a chameleon. "I have to put ourselves where we are. If you wear a bikini, legitimate home on the beach, "she explained.


Dating celebrity news came after Dhika talk to the media when he was dating a singer who has the initials S and already has an album

Sherina, singer hits 'Ku Bahagia', is now dating the writer's novel 'Kambing Jantan', Raditya Dika. Yesterday, after singing at the Gathering in the FX gene, Sudirman, Sherina looked straight out of the arena.

In fact, Sherina was left out along with a man with glasses who is none other than Raditya Dika. They seem to walk together and holding hands around the FX while embracing each other lovingly and laughing. That night, they both seemed to enjoy the night in the Caza.

Proximity Raditya Dika Sherina and it was not just appear on the face of this public course. In concert Keyla ago, Rasha was also present with Raditya Dika, but managed to escape from the camera.

The proximity of the singer with the mellifluous voice of the novelist's funny is certainly dating.

This can be seen from the twitter fan radityadika sherinamunaf the reciprocal affection with a call like the following :

Rasha: @ radityadika loh?? U were adorable hon! : 3. Behold my boyfriend robert McKee brought a book!

Raditya Dika: @ sherinamunaf as far as uneducated toddler goes .. You are the most Lovable .. ;)

Rasha: So proud of @ radityadika:)

Raditya Dika: @ sherinamunaf no prob, yangs .. I also just stray. Hahahaha.


Latest news, which is the oracle at world cup events this year 2010, because of its ability to predict the winner in every game during the World Cup in 2010, this news has spread and become the talk of the twitter, octopus paul died after guessing germany vs spain where he choose spayol will come out as winners. Many people commented on paul's death, said one commentator that the video is the video a hoax, and many people look for news about the death of paul, and paul penyebabkan death, and possibly also video information about the death of octopus paul, and photographs of his death

Paul is known for his predictions for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa is telling. However, not many people know who Paul really is. Here are ten facts about the octopus that was two years old as reported by the Telegraph.

1. British-born male octopus
Although now living in the Aquarium Sea Life Centre, Oberhausen, Germany, Paul was born in Weymouth, England and moved from the Weymouth Sea Life Park (to Germany) in 2006.

A staff at Weymouth Sea Life Park, Fiona Smith, who never take care of Paul saying, "He never made any predictions when it is still here. However, maybe he was waiting for a big tournament like the World Cup to show that ability. "

2. Hunted man
An Argentine chef, Nicolas Bedorrou, so angry when Paul correctly predicted that his country teams will be defeated Germany in the quarterfinals of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. He even threatened to hunt down Paul to be cooked.

"We will chase and place them on paper. We will then beat her to make the meat tender and then put it in boiling water, "said Bedorrou.

3. The big news
Prediction Paul has invited the attention of many people because a German television station, NTV began diligently to directly broadcast the match Paul's predictions, with two reporters standing on the tank so they can make the viewers know how Paul make predictions.

4. The biggest celebrity in Oberhausen
Paul is the most popular in Oberhausen.

5. Forecast accuracy is almost perfect
Paul began to predict the outcome of the game since Euro 2008 Switzerland-Austria and Germany he predict six games, with four of them correctly. He said Germany would win all the matches. In fact, Germany lost to Croatia.

2010 World Cup in South Africa, so far, all predictions about the German Paul correctly, including the question they will lose to Spain in the semifinals.

6. It could make you rich
With forecasts like that, you can rely on his predictions before the bet.

7. Smart Animals
Octopuses are intelligent animals and proved to have strong memories. "Common octopus like Paul is very smart. We equate them with intelligence and they love dogs and like to solve problems, "said Fiona Smith.

8. Celebrities on Facebook and Twitter
Paul became one of the most lively topic of conversation at social networking sites. The phrase "Paul the Octopus" and "Pulpo" (Spanish for octopus) Twitter world's top ten.

9. Without engineering
Paul predict the outcome of the game by opening one of two food containers in the tank. Sea Life Centre Oberhausen Staff, Tanja Munzig, denied allegations that there was something placed in one container. "There is no trick. Same food and everything in the two containers were the same, except the flag, "said Munzig.

10. Do not fear death threats
According to the supervisor, Oliver Walencak, Paul was not afraid of being threatened supporters who blame him for exclusion of Argentine Lionel Messi et al of the 2010 World Cup since losing 0-4 from Germany.

Jodie Sweetin - 24 Hour Hollywood Rush in Los Angeles

Jodie Sweetin - 24 Hour Hollywood Rush in Los Angeles

Tom Cruise

In true rags-to-riches fashion, Tom Cruise's stunning climb to the top of the Hollywood food chain began in the most humbling of circumstances. Moving often and facing a double whammy of dyslexia and a difficult relationship with his strict father, Tom Cruise (then known as Thomas Cruise Mapother) came to find outlets for his struggles in athletics and drama. During a stint at Henry Munro Middle School in Ottawa, Ontario, he became a seasoned floor hockey player and performed in stage plays like IT, which was picked up for filming by a local TV network. In the wake of his parents' separation, Cruise returned to the U.S. where he was enrolled in three high schools -- and briefly considered a future as a Catholic priest -- before finding a second home in the drama department of a New Jersey high school and realizing that acting was his calling.

Fueled by a stronger desire to act than to finish high school, Tom Cruise bailed out of class in his senior year, and hightailed it to the Big Apple in search of stardom. Early on, he had the typical working actor experience of dreaming big while waiting tables, but thanks to Creative Arts Agency agent Paula Wagner, he found his way into the business. It came via 1981's Endless Love with Brooke Shields, which is now widely regarded as one of the worst films ever made.

With nowhere else to go but up, Tom Cruise had better luck in Taps, where his bit part was upgraded to a supporting role, and The Outsiders, where he perfected his art under the watchful eye of Francis Ford Coppola and shared the screen with future stars Rob Lowe, Patrick Swayze, Matt Dillon, and Diane Lane. If these films represented a warm-up for Tom Cruise, his first true break would be his Golden Globe-nominated performance in 1983's Risky Business, where his high-watt charisma kicked into full gear as Joel Goodson, the young Chicago man who learns a few lessons in life from the savvy and sexy Rebecca De Mornay.

tom cruise stars in top gun and mission: impossible

Now at a stage in his career where he could headline his own movie, Tom Cruise went from bright new talent to top-shelf movie star with a little 1986 effort called Top Gun. Besides recharging the flyboy genre and imprinting the likes of Val Kilmer and the movie's signature anthem into pop culture immortality, Top Gun was the perfect vehicle to brand Tom Cruise as the cocky, sure-minded movie star for his generation. Even if he could have coasted along strictly on the foundation of his new career swagger, Cruise chose not to. Instead, he surrounded himself with great talent in front of and behind the camera. Films like Rain Man, The Color of Money, Born on the Fourth of July, A Few Good Men, and The Firm put the actor alongside greats like Paul Newman, Jack Nicholson and Dustin Hoffman, and with directors such as Martin Scorsese, Rob Reiner and Oliver Stone keeping watch.

The success of all of these films -- and the Oscar nomination that accompanied his portrayal of real-life Vietnam vet Ron Kovic in July -- made Tom Cruise the most bankable star in Hollywood. Even projected disasters like Interview with the Vampire with Brad Pitt became profitable hits, ultimately giving him the power to create his own lucrative production company with Paula Wagner. Their first effort was a 1996 cinematic update of the classic TV series, Mission: Impossible. In ringleader Ethan Hunt, Tom Cruise found a confident modern update of Top Gun's Maverick and an ultra-successful franchise that continued with the $400-million-grossing sequel in 2000. In between, he earned his second and third Oscar nominations as a sports agent facing a new reality in Cameron Crowe's Jerry Maguire and a hotheaded motivational speaker in Paul Thomas Anderson's Magnolia. Along with his wife at the time, Nicole Kidman, he starred as a doctor coping badly with his wife's thoughts of infidelity in the sexual odyssey Eyes Wide Shut, the final film in the oeuvre of the legendary Stanley Kubrick.

tom cruise stars in tropic thunder and knight and day

With more hits on the way like Vanilla Sky, Steven Spielberg's Minority Report and 2004's Collateral, it seemed like Tom Cruise would maintain his impossible hold over Hollywood until retirement. Things changed in a hurry in 2005 during his promotional tour for his second collaboration with Steven Spielberg, War of the Worlds. The new relationship between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, as well as the actor's outspoken pro-Scientology stance against anti-depressants and conventional psychiatry, began to rub many of his fans the wrong way. This culminated in a manic couch-jumping appearance on Oprah that made Tom Cruise into an ideal target for South Park and general pop culture ridicule instead of encouraging people to see his movie. While War of the Worlds still finished as the biggest worldwide box office earner in the actor's career, more media appearances -- like an ill-fated interview with Matt Lauer -- didn't help him any and Paramount Pictures dissolved its 14-year partnership with him after the release of Mission: Impossible III in 2006.

With a celebrity approval rating to match that of outgoing President George W. Bush, Tom Cruise tried to rehabilitate his image, with disappointing results early on. He and Paula Wagner jumped studios to United Artists, where they made the 2007 political dud, Lions for Lambs, a film ignored at the box office despite the presence of Tom Cruise, Robert Redford and Meryl Streep. The following year, Tom Cruise buried himself under heavy makeup to play the supporting role of foul-mouthed studio big shot Les Grossman in Ben Stiller's Tropic Thunder. The role represented a little-seen comedic side of Tom Cruise and won back some of his disillusioned fans. His next film for United Artists, the historical thriller Valkyrie, earned over $200 million worldwide and did more to add some luster to his fading reputation. After bringing back Les Grossman as a recurring character at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, Cruise made amends with Paramount and both have signed on to develop Mission: Impossible IV.

For now, what happens next with the career of Tom Cruise will be a direct result of the success or failure of Knight and Day, his pricey reunion with his Vanilla Sky costar, Cameron Diaz. It could give him a much-needed professional resuscitation or give his detractors more reasons to dismiss him.

Early box office numbers were disappointing, however; Knight and Day didn't break $30 million domestically during its first weekend.

Vanessa Hudgens - "The Beastly" premiere in Los Angeles

Vanessa Hudgens - "The Beastly" premiere in Los Angeles



Here you can find profiles Andi Soraya, a new girlfriend pictures Andi Soraya Andi Soraya intimate photos with his new BRONDONG, all of Andi Soraya.
Andi Soraya has a new girlfriend. Yes this time a new girlfriend Andi Soraya, a young man, aka BRONDONG, who was younger than she. Andi Soraya, who was born in Jakarta, dated June 18, 1976 admitted that he had tried to open your heart to an older man but still anchored in BRONDONG heart again. Andi Soraya's new boyfriend who knows the name of Ferly Son also admits closeness with Andi Soraya. And the photos above are pictures of Andi Soraya intimate with her new boyfriend named Ferly Putra.
Andi Soraya started his career in the entertainment world as a model and began to crawl through the world of soap opera acting Air Mata Terakhir ever aired in RCTI. Brenda was married to Ahmad Kurnia authority. But their marriage ended in divorce in November 2001. Andi asked for a divorce because her husband was not like Brenda career in the entertainment world. From his first marriage, Brenda has one son, Shawn Adrian Khilafat. After the divorce, Brenda relationships with soap opera player Steve Emmanuel, now renamed after Joseph's faith became converts. They were living together without marriage bond to produce a son, Darren Sterling Emmanuel. Andi Soraya who had clashed with this Perssik Goddess pedangdut refused to marry because it was still traumatized by a previous marriage. Andi has now parted with Steve, aka Yusuf Andi Soraya Iman and start a new relationship with Ferly Son, a newcomer in the entertain.

Profile of Andi Soraya
Andi Soraya was born in Jakarta, June 18, 1976(33 years old) is a female artist Indonesia.
Andi Soraya started his career in the entertainment world as a model and began to crawl through the world of soap operas Sénia role Last Tear ever aired in RCTI. Also bloody artist-Bugis Cirebon is also known as a star of several ad products such as: Prenagen, B-29, Vegeta, Bank Mandiri and Hit. In 2008, Andi reaching the big screen by starring in an adult comedy, Anda Puas Saya Loyo (2008). In August 2008, Brenda returned to the big screen by starring in a movie with suspense mystery genre, "Hantu Aborsi".

Brenda was married to Ahmad Kurnia authority. But their marriage ended in divorce in November 2001. Andi asked for a divorce because her husband was not like Brenda career in the entertainment world. From his first marriage, Brenda has one son, Shawn Adrian Khulafa. After the divorce, Brenda relationships with soap opera player Steve Emmanuel. They were living together without marriage bond to produce a son, Darren Sterling Emmanuel. Andi refused to marry because it was still traumatized by a previous marriage.

Andi had to deal with the law, because the associated charged with throwing a glass at the wife of a businessman, Wanto Vishnu. On October 9, 2008, Andi criminal sentenced for 3 months. Andi who had clashed with this artist Dewi Persik, again at odds with other Indonesian artists. This time Brenda odds with the model and soap opera player, Catherine Wilson. Events that occurred in February 2009 brought even to the report to the police.

Baby Niken Biografi dan Profil

Baby Niken Biografi dan Profil - Siapa Baby niken? belakangan ini nama baby niken nampaknya sedang naik daun, penyanyi baru di republik cinta management milik ahmad dhani ini dibilang mirip dengan mulan jameela. namun bagi saya baby niken tetap saja berbeda dengan mulan jameela. nah berikut ini adalah biografi dan profil dari baby niken dan juga ini ada sedikit foto terbaru baby niken.

Baby Niken Lahir di Palembang 5 Desember 1990 dengan nama Desy Niken Ria. Baby merupakan keturunan Palembang, India dan Pakistan. Awal perjalanan karier Baby Niken dimulai dengan menjadi seorang model dan dia juga pernah menjadi Model majalah ‘Aneka Yess’ 2005 lalu baby niken juga beberapa kali sempat menjadi model iklan sebuah produk dan dia juga pernah membintangi sebuah sinetron. Tak heran jika sekarang memutuskan untuk terjun ke dunia tarik suara, ia tetap selalu mementingkan penampilannya. Baby pun berharap dapat menciptakan imej seksi yang sedikit urakan.

Baby Niken baru saja merilis single perdananya yang berjudul ‘Kamu Bisa, Aku Tak Bisa’ ciptaan Dewiq. Ia memutuskan untuk bernyanyi di jalur musik Pop R&B. Baby memiliki suara yang khas dan berkarakter. Dengan sentuhan vokal yang serak dan bernada rendah seperti Dewiq

Saya belum dengar tuh lagu baby niken kamu bisa aku tak bisa nya. nanti coba cari di youtube video klip kamu bisa aku tak bisa dari baby niken atau file mp3 kamu bisa aku tak bisa dari 4shared. free download lagu terbaru baby niken, foto terbaru baby niken, foto baby niken

Michael Jackson Meninggal Dunia|Died

Michael Joseph Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana (an industrial suburb of Chicago, Illinois) to a working-class family on August 29, 1958. Death On June 25, 2009, Jackson was hospitalized after suffering a cardiac arrest. Jackson died shortly thereafter. Michael Jackson's the king and the legendary pop died. He died after a heart attack.

Be like Los Angeles Times, Thursday (25/6/2009), the first news of death by the inform is entertainment site TMZ. "Pop Singer Michael Jackson has been declared dead by a doctor this afternoon after a comma," said the reporter site.

No official announcement from the people close to Michael about this. However, informed, Michael had a previous heart attack at her home in the Holmby Hills area and not breathing when taken to the hospital.

Michael sedianya scheduled to perform a concert "combeback 'on 13 July future. According to the plan, the concert will be held in London. Exercise has been carried out since 2 months ago.

Michael Jackson

Mila Kunis - The Hollywood Reporter Academy Awards Pre-Party

Mila Kunis - The Hollywood Reporter Academy Awards Pre-Party

Michelle Trachtenberg - 4th Annual Hollywood Domino Gala in West Hollywood

Michelle Trachtenberg - 4th Annual Hollywood Domino Gala in West Hollywood

Hayden Panettiere - Hollywood Domino Gala in West Hollywood

Hayden Panettiere - Hollywood Domino Gala in West Hollywood February 24, 2011

Sarah Hyland - "Beastly" premiere in Los Angeles

Sarah Hyland - "Beastly" premiere in Los Angeles

FOTO HOT JENNY CORTEZ di Film Pemburu Hantu The Movie

FOTO JENNY CORTEZ HOT "Film Pemburu Hantu The Movie"
Jenny Cortez received no exciting pictures circulating in cyberspace. She felt ashamed and hurt because of the photographs that appear to the public. He also demanded USD 1 billion to the party who has a picture of the syurnya.

"If up to one week did not work, find out who spread the photos I will demand USD 1 billion to PH," she said when met at Hazara Restaurant, East Jakarta, Monday, February 22, 2010.

Meanwhile, the production house that produced the movie 'Pemburuu Hantuu Thee Moviee' it. Citaa Dutaa Baruu represented by Alamsyah, claims ready to face the demands of Jenny.

She felt Jenny's right to do so. However, they hope this problem can be solved by peaceful means.

"We are cooling down first. In this case we missed it. With my good ethics will follow, "said Alamsyah.

Jenny admitted since the pictures were circulated, he became overwhelmed and embarrassed. She also felt guilty with her parents. He also became guncingan neighbors because of the case.

Jenny started their work in the field of the model. His name was lifted as the third person rumored to be a relationship breakdown between spouses Deddy Corbuzier and Kalina.

He also played in several soap operas. Finally, gait can also be enjoyed acting in the film AIR TERJUN PENGANTIN where Jenny played with Mirasih Tyas Endah and Tamara Bleszynski.In the film Rizal Mantovani's work does look a little vulgar enough scene like a bikini. I do not know whether the pictures Jenny is part of the film or other photocall.

Berita Terbaru Jennifer Kurniawan

Berita Terbaru Jennifer Kurniawan - Jennifer Kurniawan kabarnya ingin bermain film di indonesia, kekasih irfan bachdim ini namanya langsung menjadi tenar di indonesia sejak kekasihnya juga diangkat oleh media. Kini Jennifer Bachdim juga ingin serius untuk menjalani karirnya sebagai model di indonesia “Ya, saya ingin serius menata karir modelling dan akting di sini,” kata cewek berusia 23 tahun ini ketika ditemui di Studio RCTI, kemarin.

Jika Jennifer ngotot untuk tinggal dan berkarir di Indonesia, bukan semata sang pacar memperkuat tim Persema Malang, tetapi karena dia merasa orang Indonesia. “Alasan saya memilih untuk berkarir di sini karena separuh darah saya adalah Indonesia. Keluarga saya juga tinggal di sini, Kedatangan saya ke sini untuk bertemu Irfan dan keluarga,” tambahnya.

Pemilik tinggi/berat badan 165 cm/47 kg yang sudah dua minggu tinggal di Indonesia ini, pekan depan akan terbang ke Singapura. Dan dia berharap bisa mendapat job model dan film pada Maret mendatang.

“Bulan Maret saya kembali ke sini dan berharap bisa main film,” harapnya

Ibu Ainun Habibie,Istri BJ HABIBIE Meninggal Dunia

Wife of former president BJ Habibie, Hasri Ainun Habibie dies at age 72 years. Ainun died at around 17:00 local time at the Hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat, Klinikum Grohadern, Munich, Germany. "Innalillahi wa inna ilaihii raajiuun. Mother deceased Hasri Ainun Habibie. Please pray for the deceased, "the official information obtained from the twitter of The Habibie Center at 23:15 GMT, Saturday (22 / 5).

Currently all the family including BJ Habibie, and his two sons Ilham Akbar Habibie and Thareq Kemal Habibie was already in Germany.

Previously, the third wife of former president of Indonesia was lying in Hospital Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Klinikum Großhadern, Munich, Germany with a coma.

"That mother is in the observation team of doctors," said Communications Manager Tha Habibie Centre Ima Abdurrahman, Tuesday (20 / 4). He explains, Ainun have got a nurse from the team of doctors in Germany since the beginning of April 2010. When a coma, all medical aids have been revoked. Family and tawaqal resignation to God, "said Ngabalin after contacting the Indonesian Ambassador to the Netherlands, Junus Effendy" Fanny "Habibie, who was none other than the little brother of Habibie.

According to the mother of two children treated for cancer. He had undergone surgery 9 times in the period March to May.

Hasri Ainun Besari is the fourth child of eight children from the family of the late H. Mohammad Besari derived from Bandung. He was named Hasri Ainun or beautiful eyes. He married Habibie, who was also his high school friend on May 12, 1962. They have two children, Ilham Akbar Habibie and Thareq Kemal Habibie and four grandchildren.

Jennifer Aniston - "Just Go With It" premiere in Madrid

Jennifer Aniston - "Just Go With It" premiere in Madrid

Alison Brie - Global Green USA 8th annual pre-Oscar party

Alison Brie - Global Green USA 8th annual pre-Oscar party

Foto & Video Pasha Cium Bibir Alyssa|Alissa|Alysa

A video recording which disclose the relationship Pasha 'Ungu' with Alyssa Star Group Soebandono received.

In the video be about 2.5 minutes, the intimate scenes look Pasha middle Alyssa kiss lips when they're eating in a restaurant, both of Japan, Jakarta-Pusat dibilangan two weekends back.

In fact, the gossip, if they have a special relationship that has been circulating since two weeks ago. However, both direct proximity to rebut if they work only for the purpose.

"Alyssa and I have no relationship whatsoever. We just are, for the sake vidio clip, "said Pasha dispute mare that.

Tweedledum and money with Pasha, Alyssa also confute himself together with the three childless widower. "My brother and Pasha are free. For only the clip, "Alysa strictly steady.

Seemingly want to prove that their relationship just a job, later appeared Purple video clip where Alyssa Soebandono be one of the models.

News about the relationship and Alyssa Pasha already become news in the media gossip in Indonesia of late. In the event launching the latest album "Ungu" is clearly visible proximity to them. Pasha that it was the first sing a song in front of the purple came close to the public directly and to give Alyssa a spray flower and smell the sweet Alisa. This direct hand in welcome by spectators.

Foto Pasha Cium Alyssa

Video Pasha Cium Bibir Alyssa


Starting from the model, the name of Jenny Cortez began well known. From the model, he began reaching the soap opera and film.

Her name began to be a conversation when he was rumored to be the third person Deddy Courbuzier relationship breakdown and Kalina.

One more celebrity hot pictures circulating on the Internet. Cortez, who is Jenny's misfortune. From the news circulated, photograph, supposedly from his latest film casting "Air Terjun PENGANTIN". However, Ody Mulya such as film producers argue that hard.

"Not true if the picture casting for the film PENGANTIN Waterfall, we do not do casting like that," said Ody.

It said a man who also produced the controversial film earlier, in the movie there is no hot scenes like the one in the photos in cyberspace.

"The film is the scene on the beach, not like in the picture, so it's not true," he said.

Until this story is derived, which displays images poses Jenny Cortez has not been confirmed directly by the artist who had issued a third person in the marriage and mentalis Deddy Corbuzier these Kalina. Jenny could not be contacted because he was not in Indonesia.

The world of entertainment in the country endlessly surprised by the circulation of hot pictures of celebrities. This time, the victims are Jenny Cortez. Raunchy photographs of model / actress Jenny Cortez, one circulating in Indonesia hot site. Unmitigated, ten images of hot and open-openings of Jenny appearing in it.

Jenny started their work in the field of the model. His name was lifted as the third person rumored to be a relationship breakdown between the couple and Kalina Corbuzier Deddy.

He also played in several soap operas. Finally, gait can also be enjoyed acting in the film "AIR TERJUN PENGANTIN" where Jenny played with Mirasih Tyas Endah and Tamara Bleszynski.

In the film Rizal Mantovani's work does look a little vulgar enough scene like a bikini. I do not know whether the pictures Jenny is part of the film or other photocall.

When validated, the pictures are vulgar Jenny's original photo except for one that looks at the photo-retouch.

Gosip Lagu D'Masiv - Jangan Menyerah Plagiat Dari Muse

Again D'Masiv conduct alleged plagiarism. This time the song 'Do not give up' songs cheat allegedly owned by Muse, Falling Away With You. Dmasiv also recognize that they are very inspired by the muse band group, so do not wonder if they feel the paper is very similar to their idol group band.
This is a little biography of Dmasiv:

D’Masiv is a group music from Indonesia which is born in Jakarta. D’Masiv was formed on March 3, 2003. Members amounted to 5 persons namely Rian Ekky Pradipta (vocal), Dwiki Aditya Marsall (guitar), Nurul Damar Ramadan (guitar), Rayyi Kurniawan Iskandar DinataWahyu Piadji (bass), and (drums).

Menuju Nirwana was the first album. D’Masiv also successfully won the A Mild Live Wanted. End June 2008, d’Masiv fans club formed to unify their fans, they called Masiver.

As a comparison, try to note carefully the second video below:

D'Masiv - Jangan Menyerah Video:

Muse-Falling Away With You Video:


FOTO|PROFIL Stefania Fernandez, Miss Universe 2009 from Venezuela
FOTO|PROFIL Stefania Fernandez

Miss Universe 2009 has ended, an Event at the great beauty of this Pageant crowned Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez as the winner, again ..! This second title in a row for Venezuela, after last year's Dayana Mendoza, was chosen as Miss Universe 2008.

Mendoza was delighted when Miss Venezula announced as Miss Universe 2009, she immediately ran and hugged Stefania spontaneous and prancing along until the whole audience was stunned. Because the excitement, dropped Dayana Mendoza crowned Miss Universe 2009 during a hurry to put it on the head Stefania. Uhh .. What a shame, his behavior was not controlled at the time.

While representatives from Indonesia, Putri Indonesia 2008 Zivanna Letisha Siregar failed in this annual event. He did not achieve any degree at this prestigious event, although ranked 1st in voting through official website. Even Zizi, Zivanna friendly greeting, not included in the 15 large, such achievements had inscribed Artika Sari Devi in the year 2004.

Achieved runner up Miss Dominican Republic, Ada Aimee de la Cruz. While captured the title of Miss Congeniality Miss China Wang Jing Yao, and the title of Miss Photogenic pinned to Miss Thailand Chutima Durongde.

The following videos and photos of Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez, 18 years old, who became a woman-6 Venezuela to hold the title of the work in the history of the Miss Universe pageant organization, which is now entering the age of 59.

Stefanía Fernández Krupij, (born September 4, 1990), is Miss Universe 2009, from Mérida, Venezuela; she represented her country, Venezuela, in the Miss Universe 2009 pageant in the Bahamas. Fernández won the Miss Venezuela 2008 title in a pageant held in Caracas, Venezuela on September 10, 2008. She was crowned by the outgoing titleholder, Dayana Mendoza, Miss Venezuela 2007 and Miss Universe 2008.Fernández also won the "Miss Elegance", "Best Body" and "Best Face", titles.

She became the second Miss Trujillo to win that title since the Miss Venezuela pageant first began in 1952. The first was Bárbara Palacios, Miss Venezuela 1986 and Miss Universe 1986. Stefanía is of Spanish Galician, Russian, Ukrainian, and Polish origin; she practices tennis and swim. Her mother is Nadia Krupij Holojad and her father is Carlos Fernández, who was kidnapped in 2005 in Barinas, Venezuela, for five days.

Diane Lane - Costume Designers Guild Awards, Feb 22 2011

Diane Lane - Costume Designers Guild Awards, Feb 22 2011

FOTO HOT|SYUR POPPY BUNGA MANDI "Film Pemburu Hantu the Movie"

FOTO POPPY BUNGA HOT SYUR in Film Pemburu Hantu The Movie
Latest News Poppy Bunga Photos Topless 2010 going to be a discussion called artist today's gossip related cases of sexually arousing pictures hot Behind The Scene Pemburu Hantu.
The strange, right Billy, Poppy's brother as confirmation, he admitted that his sister and family face relax. However, when met at the news conference, calling the film producer if the ex-girlfriend was crying hysterically Mandala day.
Nahh,, .. when confirmation on the same day ..

Pemburu Hantu The Movie:

Prime opportunity for the ex-girlfriend Dwi Andika to taste the role of ghosts in the film was finally achieved. This opportunity comes from the production house,namely Cita Baru Production, which offered a major role as Vika.

Dara was born in Jakarta, October 26, 1990 informed his feelings during a confirmation when Indonesia launched a horror film in 2010 his latest Ciwalk XXI, Bandung.

"At first I rejected the offer, but after the team met with the Ghost Hunters and the kyai, finally I received,"

"It's very challenging, because previously I had never received a horror movie, because basically I was timid at all. Do not want to see associated with ghosts, "

"When I got the first offer, I'm just curious, whether this is true PEMBURU HANTU or mock"
"I once had a reality show that followed. Well, when this film I really know if this is not a lie, "

Vika himself was a young teenager who had an inner sense ability to penetrate the other world and see a fine creature. Behind her ability was, Vika was very tortured.
Film "PEMBURU HANTU the movie" directed and produced by Alamsyah, from production houses Citaa Baruu Produksii, and was run simultaneously in all Indonesia XXI dated January 28, 2010 was himself removed from a successful reality show ever aired in Lativi (now TV One, red) on 2004-2006.

do not know the reason, a few days after the premiere that might quiet the crowd, suddenly there are elements "may be crew or anyone else who took part during filming of" sowing Photos Topless Jenny Cortez, who then connected with the circulation Photo Hot Poppy Bunga Bath .
When asked to confirm on Monday, February 22, 2010, by telephone received by Rian, sister Poppy. Rian admitted if his family relaxing bath facing the circulation of images.

"Poppy when seen, did not respond to anything, just normal,"

According to Rian, the image is taken from the movie 'Moviee thee Pemburu Hantu.' When the image is outstanding, Poppy bunga had contacted the film makers.

"I talked to the Ghost Hunters team the Movie, they admit there is missed."

"But from our normal".