Aldy Taher

Name : Aldiansyah Taher
Artist Name : Aldy Taher
Born : Jayapura on October 25, 1983.

Aldi is the third son of six children couples Ramlis Saputra Ramlis Taher and Rosita. Aldi had an artist's love with Nadia Vega. But their relationship had to run aground in the middle of the road. Aldi has reportedly approached the widow Saipul Jamil, Dewi Persik. Lately they have been married siri publish. And even now they are divorced.

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Aldi began his career in the entertainment world by following the model search competition in the magazine Aneka Yess! 2001. He began with the widely recognized role in the movie Casablanca Tunnel and some soap opera titles. In addition, he also became the presenter of several television programs. Among them is a comedy program that aired ANTV Silk Laughter, along with comedian Budi Anduk and Peppy.