Anang Hermansyah

Name : Anang Hermansyah
or the famous name : Anang
Born : ember, East Java, March 18, 1969

Anang Hermansyah known as a musician and music workers, as well known as the former husband of the famous pop singer Krisdayanti. Anang had created the song, whether sung by himself and others.

Since high school in Jember, East Java, Anang has been incorporated in a band. But her new music seriously while studying at the Islamic University of Bandung to join the studio's "Doel Sumbang." Anang even had time to make recordings with Doel Sumbang, though ultimately not published.

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Not only in the world to sing, Anang also penetrated in the art world with the role of a producer of a film titled "The trouble So Virgin." The film was supported by Restu Sinaga, Nova Eliza, Al Fathir Muchtar, Olga Syahputra, Tio Pakusadewo, Julia Perez, Emmie Lemu.

After a divorce, Anang active again in the music world homeland. Mid-September 2009, he released her new album, Anang. In the self title album contains six tracks, half of my soul Go, Learn To Love, Nor Rain Crying, Pain, When Love Sin, and Life Is Secret.