Aryani Fitriana

Name : Aryani Fitriana Kurniawan
or more in the know with the name Ryan
Born: Jakarta, May 24, 1988
Hobbies: Basketball

Aryani Kor Han or familiar call this ryan started her career since the age of seven years, when it was ryan a casting agency to offer a model of their product because Aryani been shrewd in the front of the mirror, perhaps also because the art from the mothers blood flow to ryan.
Foto Aryani Fitriana

Poto Aryani Fitriana

Photo Aryani Fitriana

Aryani Fitriana

From there ryan career in the entertainment world have been formed with several titles starring in soap operas on the small time, such as ryan has played in the soap opera "excessive love" in the soap opera Ryan's role as the daughter of devi Permatasari.