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This is a bit under the following profiles and photos tina talisa:

Full Name: Tina Talisa
Nickname: Tina Talisa
Place, Date of Birth: Bandung, 24 December 1979
Last Education: Faculty of Dentistry University of Padjajaran, Bandung

Tina Talisa Presenter Cantik Birth Bandung, 24 December 1979 was a presenter, carrying indonesia event. Before a tv presenter tina talisa been a profession as a dentist. He was smart in the singing. Is that a presenter is a beautiful place finalist from the beauty that is Puteri Indonesia 2003, the winner of Mojang in West Jawa in 2003, and I Mojang Champion in 2002 in Bandung. Tina how to finally leave the job as a dentist to become TV presenter? Interest that arose when he worked in Radio and Radio Mustika Paramuda. Then Tina is often present at the event Reportase Sore, Program in Trans TV news, and he moved to Lativi (before changes to TV One) in June 2007 and now has changed its name to TVOne.
Tina Talisa is a daughter of the Minister of PPN / Head of Bappenas, Paskah Suzetta.

If you want to see the beautiful and cute tv presenter, this the photos of Tina Talisa.

Tina Talisa TVone Presenter
Tina Talisa TVone Presenter
Tina Talisa TVone Presenter