The Virgin Terkenal Karena Gosip Lesbian

Although often be debated, the duo Virgin still only been used as the lesbian couples. Gossip that still breathe the virgin would make the duo, and Dara Mita happy. They feel benefit.

"The more people ask for is that we also benefit," said Mita when found in a studio in the area Ciracas, East Jakarta, Friday (3/7/2009).

Mita and Dara the virgin, is now the middle peak in popularity. Their songs are 'Cinta Terlarang' is playing in demand everywhere.

The song also appears to make that, it's music lovers on the Virgin. The song seems justify lesbian rumor between Dara and Mita circulating. The Virgin said what?

"Not a problem because every person has a different brain, I have thought different. Forbidden love is universal," answered Mita.

Mita and Dara the Virgin Photos...

foto The Virgin
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