5 Most Popular Cell-Phones On College Campus

Cell phones are popular everywhere and on college campuses it seems as though you will not find anyone who does not have one. Some cell phones are more popular than others and this is true for a number of reasons. Here are the most popular cell phones at the moment as well as why they are so popular.

Having the latest and best cell phone brings with it a certain amount of prestige. It's a scaled down version of having a flashy car. Everyone knows when someone has a cell phone that is absolutely the newest and best one out there. The person who has it usually takes every chance they get to show it off. College students often feel special somehow when they have something that everyone knows is the best.

Popular Because They're Popular
College should be a time for everyone to learn to be themselves but it is still a time when peer pressure and the desire to fit in are powerful influences. This even applies to cell phone choices as many students want to have the cell phones that their friends have. If a phone is popular with someone who people listen to then a lot of people will probably want the same cell phone. This is how trends start and cell phones are very trendy right now. Every time a new cell phone comes out then there is a chance for a whole new trend.

The most popular cell phones are also often those with the largest advertising budgets. This makes perfect sense because people have to know that something is available in stores to go out and buy it. And cell phone companies who target college students in their campaigns often see a return on their investments. Never underestimate the power of corporate advertising.

Aside from just the appearance of cell phones, these phones also have to have all of the features that college students want. This means that these phones need to have cameras, internet access, texting, games, and various other computer programs. Cell phones seem to be able to do more every day so keeping up with the list of features available is no small feat.

There's always something more that these phones can do that people didn't know they couldn't live without until it became a common feature. If there is any space left in the cell phone's memory then you might be able to make phone calls too. That's a bad joke but it's sad and true.

The 5 Most Popular

1. LG KP500 Cookie
2. Blackberry 8520 Gemini Curve
3. Nokia N900
4. Nokia E63-2
5. Blackberry 9700 Bold

The 5 most popular cell phones on college campuses earned their places on this list for a variety of reasons. People like having the newest toys and they like being part of a group. If you don't have the most popular cell phone then don't worry. The most popular cell phone will change soon enough anyway.

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