Dinda Kirana

Name : Dinda Kirana Sukmawati
or more knows as Dinda Kirana
Born : Tasikmalaya, West Java, April 30, 1995

Dinda Kirana is an actress of Indonesia. She is widely known through the soap opera Pupa.

Dinda career in the entertainment world when she was getting the overall champion race Notices Star Television.

In Jakarta, Dinda had played in many soap operas and FTV title, at the age of 9 years Dinda has successfully played a more or less in 36 titles Soap operas and FTV.

Foto Dinda Kirana

Poto Dinda Kirana

Photo Dinda Kirana

Dinda Kirana

The main role was obtained through the soap opera One Uncle Three Nephew, and FTV Girl Chat.

Dinda's name began to fame in the entertainment world with his role as Bebi, beautiful children, coquettish, quiet, and spoiled .. through his acting in the latest soap opera that is "cocooning" is, Dinda had won fame in the entertainment world.

Year 2004 overall champion Dinda get Star Television Contest Reserved. After that Dinda from Tasikmalaya, moved to Jakarta and stayed at the Capital.