Kirana Larasati

Name : Kirana Larasati
Born : Jakarta, Februari 19 1994

Kirana Larasati is the actress of Indonesia. Kirana Larasati became popular after starring in the soap opera that aired Azizah SCTV.

Kirana's acting debut is a soap opera It Is not Love with Sahrul Gunawan, Bertrand Antolin, and Fera Feriska.

Foto Kirana Larasati

Poto Kirana Larasati

Photo Kirana Larasati

Profile Kirana Larasati

Kirana's involvement in the arts originated the role of the accident when the film won the event for the promotion of the Eiffel I'm in Love, held the Polaris radio station. The prize is dinner with the stars Samuel Rizal and Sandy Aulia. There Kirana offered to participate in casting for a soap opera by Yulia Razif Goddess, casting director of PT Soraya Intercine Film.

Soap operas that catapulted Kirana name is Azizah SCTV aired in 2007.